Chloe Gallardo - "Fools Keeper"

We All Want Someone

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Chloe Gallardo has returned with her ultra chill new offering “Fool’s Keeper.” 

The track channels a vintage pop sound with a bedroom pop sound ...

Fool's Keeper Cover.jpeg

Listen: Chloe Gallardo - "Fools Keeper"

Obscure Sound

“Fool’s Keeper” marks the first new release from Chloe Gallardo in almost a year. Showcasing a beautifully lush and jangly dream-pop aesthetic, Gallardo’s vocals and production play with an ethereal charm ...


PREMIERE: Chloe Gallardo - "Fool's Keeper"

High Clouds

With “Fool’s Keeper,” Chloe Gallardo’s chill indie-pop makes longing go down smooth. Chloe Gallardo’s debut project, the Hey Kid EP, came out as she was graduating high school in 2017. In 2020, she’s honing a new sound  ...